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Five Techniques to Attract Women

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Five Techniques to Attract Women

     Most guys have a difficult time approaching women. The more men fail at it, the more troubles they have. However, if you follow a few basic techniques, you will have a much easier time. In fact, you will almost certainly attract more women in the process.

One basic idea is to make yourself frequently available. Very few women are going to find you attractive if you’re always on retreat and unavailable. What you need to do is to make yourself a “hot” item – someone that women are universally attracted to and women want.

What makes most guys is that they try to hide behind an aura of “not really interested, looking around” whenever they approach women. This is self-defeating. There are hundreds of reasons why women should be attracted to a man who is present and available. It could be that they were designed by God or it could be that a woman is insecure and a man is more attractive to her than a guy who is always on the move.

To make yourself popular with women, you need to re-program your mind. You need to learn how to display the opposite behavior which women are naturally attracted to. When you do this, you will be exuding self-confidence and people around you will be convinced that you are unattached and not seeking any attention at all.

When you show up with the attitude that you are unattached and unaffected by others opinion and they will be crazy not to be attracted to you.

It’s been known for ages that most women want hot dudes. If you are a man and you come up with a behavior that shows women that you are hot, they will naturally be attracted to you. Guys who basically act the same way hot men do come up with the attitude that women are attracted to a challenge. Well, if you act like a hot dude, try to challenge her every now and then. However, when she says that she would like to be with a hot guy, don’t say that you are one yourself – but compliment her instead.

For example, if she talks about places she loves, try to talk a bit negatively then say, “I don’t love it here, too many people never relax and give in. It’s so boring, I’d like to join a club and get more experienced.”

Women are desperate for a man who is different, who is exciting and has a sense of humor. Stop complimenting and praise to do this, take a negative remark and turn it into a compliment.


Be indifferent! This is the most important idea. You have to maintain a detached attitude while in conversation with her. Look her right in the eye and let her know that you are admiring her because she is hot, but you aren’t really that into her.

The indifference, the choice of places and references are meant to demonstrate your confidence, sense of humor and assertiveness. The indifference comes when, in spite of your desire to have her, you can’t. It’s the confidence that will keep you from being too entangled with her, but confident about your personality and in the same time, keep the attraction going.

If she insists that you have some things to do, take the attitude that it is up to her whether to accept or reject you. filed, you keep your power and innocence. She might accept it or she will reject you, but don’t take it as a blow, instead, look at her, think that she is up to something to lose and that you are up to something good!

Hot women are often used to having all the power and authority, but you will change all that, you give them the impression that you are unattached, that you are not leading her on, that you may be interested in her, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want her. This, by playing emotional games, will keep her guessing and make you appear as though you aren’t so interested. Hot women also deal with a great deal of teasing and hurt from men, so by rejecting them, they will automatically be wondering if there is some kind of attraction to men who aren’t hot.

She’s going to try very hard to figure you out and if she thinks that she has figured you out it doesn’t mean that you aren’t interested. That is why you will be hot, very hot if you don’t reveal the details about yourself. You communicate too much and give away everything. You demonstrate bad judgment and selfishness, especially when you become emotionally involved with her. tx357

They say that unlike men, women are interested in power struggles, but that is all wrong. Women are much more interested in how you exercise your power, but you can’t do that by giving yourself away. You only do that by withholding the information that you naturally don’t want men to know.